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    HKAC Programme

    如有任何查询, 欢迎与Ms. Rachel Lo 联络 (2582 0200)

    For any enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms Rachel Lo at 2582 0200

    Photo Link: http://ftp.hkac.org.hk/Program/Sept08Images.zip

    Hirer Programme

    如有任何查询, 欢迎与主办单位联络

    For any enquiry and further details, please contact presenter of the programmes

    Moving Images

    澳洲电影节2008 /Australian Film Festival 2008

    主办︰澳洲总领事馆/ Arranged by: Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong

    地点︰Agnès b. 电影院 /Venue: Agnès b. CINEMA!

    票价/Tickets: $50/30*

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 2585 4481, acghkadm@netvigator.com

    网页 /Website: www.hongkong.china.embassy.com.hk

    开幕电影 /Opening Film


    2007澳洲电影协会最佳女配角/Best Supporting Actress, AFI Awards 2007

    2008澳洲影评选展最佳女配角/Best Supporting Actress, Film Critics'' Circle of Australia 2008

    2008 Movie Extra Filmink Awards最佳澳洲新人奖/Best Australian Newcomer, Movie Extra Filmink Awards 2008

    澳洲 /Australia/2006/彩色/Col/35mm/108mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Cherie Nowlan

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 19/09  7:30pm; 27/09  5:30pm

    Jeannie Dwight(Brenda Blethyn)重踏喜剧演员的银色旅途,其前夫则渴望重夺昔日一线歌手的辉煌的地位。有这过气明星为父母,难怪二十一岁的儿子Tim过着与别不同的生活。当美丽活跃少女Jill(Emma Booth)闯进Tim的生活,一切都变得美好。可是Tim生命中另一重要女性──母亲,却常常介入他浪漫的恋情。

    Jeannie Dwight (Brenda Blethyn) is on the road to a comeback on the comedy club circuit.  Her former headline singing ex-husband John is staging a comeback of his own.  With parents like these, it''s hardly surprising that life''s not always smooth sailing for twenty-one year old Tim.  When the beautiful and feisty Jill arrives on the scene things seem to be looking up.  But there is another woman in Tim''s life, one who will stand between him and the perfect romance… his mother!

    《意》/The Home Song Stories

    2007澳洲电影协会最佳导演、最佳主女角、最佳剧本、最佳摄影、最佳剪接、最佳电影音乐、最佳制作设计、最佳化妆 /Best Director, Best Actress, Best Screenplay,  Best Cinematography, Editing, Original Music Score, Production Design, Costume Design, AFI Awards 2007

    2007金马奖最佳主女角、最佳剧本 /Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Golden Horse Awards 2007

    2008澳洲影评选展最佳主女角、最佳剧本、最佳摄影 /Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 2008 

    澳洲 /Australia /2007 /彩色/Col /35mm /105mins

    粤语、英语对白,中文字幕/In Cantonese & English with English & Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Tony Ayres

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 19/09 9:30pm

    本片讲述六十年代上海红星Rose(陈冲)在香港夜总会唱歌表演,及後下嫁澳洲海员,带着两位子女移居墨尔本生活。从她年幼的儿子眼看来,Rose的人生揭露了人性的黑暗面、亲情、自爱,以及成长的代价。本片改编自导演Tony Ayres的亲身经历。

    This is the true story of Rose (Joan Chen), a Shanghainese songstress singing at nightclubs in Hong Kong during the 60s, who marries an Australian sailor and migrates with her two children to Melbourne.  Watched through the eyes of her young son, Rose''s journey reveals painful truths about the human condition, the love of family and self, and the price we pay for growing up.  Based on writer/director Tony Ayres'' own life.

    《鸭来自澳洲》/ Hildegarde

    2002威尼斯国际电影节选影作品 /Selected Work, Venice International Film Festival 2002

    2002 Tudawal电影及录像节选影作品 /Selected Work, Tudawali Film and Video Festival 2002

    2002鹿特丹国际电影节选影作品 /Selected Work, Rotterdam International Film Festival 2002

    澳洲 /Australia/2002/彩色/Col/35mm/90mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Di Drew

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 20/09  2:30pm

    自从父亲过世後,鲍威尔家的三个小孩子生活得并不容易。更糟的是他们最爱的小鸭子Hildegarde被人诱拐了!所有线索均指向狡猾的Wolf(Richard E. Grant)和他笨笨的同党Tony(Tom Long)。Wolf所经营的巡回生态汇演《自然生态奇观》,原来隐藏着无数阴险邪恶之念。三个小孩子Christopher、Isabel和Jeremy冒险拯救小鸭子。

    Life has been difficult for the Powell Children since their father passed away.  To make matters worse, their beloved duck Hildegarde is "abduckted".  All clues lead to the shift Wolf and his dim-witted sidekick Tony, operators of Wolf''s Wildlife Wonders, a travelling nature show that''s really a cover for something more sinister.  Christopher, Isabel and Jeremy must hit the road in an adventure to save the day.

    《时来运转》/The Wog Boy

    2000澳洲电影音乐协会最佳电影音乐混音 /Best Achievement in Sound for Feature Mixing, Australian Screen Sound Guild 2000

    2000澳洲独立电影制作人大奖最佳本地票房大奖 /Best Domestic Box Office Feature, Independent Filmmakers Awards 2000

    澳洲/Australia /2000 /彩色/Col /35mm/100mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Aleksi Vellis

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 21/09  7:30pm

    Steve(Nick Giannopoulos)误打误撞成为澳洲全国电视上最特出领取失业救济金的闲人,他努力地在梦中情人Celia及全国上下面前证明自己的存在价值,恢复自己的名声。夸张滑稽的家庭成员及朋友们,搞到笑料百出。一部内容夹杂爱、政治、性、宗教、文化、名车和薄饼的喜剧。

    When Steve (Nick Giannopoulos) finds himself branded as Australia''s biggest dole bludger on national television, he sets off on a personal crusade to restore his reputation and prove his worth to the whole nation and to Celia, the girl of his dreams. If this isn''t enough, he''s also got to keep the crazy antics of family members and friends in check.  A comedy about love, politics, sex, religion, culture, cars and pizza. But not in that order.

    《雍古族男孩》/Yolgnu Boy

    2001澳洲电影协会最佳新晋演员奖 /John Sebastian Pilakui (Lorrpu) /Young Actor Award, AFI Awards 2001

    2001意大利Giffoni儿童电影节铜狮鹫奖 /Bronze Gryphon, Giffoni Children''s Film Festival 2001

    2001非洲桑吉巴国际电影节人民选择大奖 /People''s Choice Awards, Zanzibar Int. Film Festival 2001

    澳洲 /Australia /2000 /彩色/Col/35mm/90mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Stephen Michael Johnson

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 27/09  2:30pm


    Three indigenous teenagers are caught in a collision between the brave new world of rap, football and street cred and the oldest living culture on earth.  When Lorrpu, Botj and Milika find themselves on the wrong side of black and white law they set-out on a journey through the unforgiving wilderness of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.  To survive, they must draw on a combination of the ancient bush knowledge they were taught as boys, Botj''s unique street instinct, and most importantly, on the bonds of their friendship.

    《黑白追踪》/The Tracker

    2002澳洲影评选展最佳电影、最佳男主角、最佳电影音乐/Best Film, Best Actor, Best Music Score, Film Critics'' Circle 2002

    2002摄影IF大奖最佳电影、最佳男主角、最佳电影音乐 /Best Film, Best Actor, Music Score, Cinematography IF Awards 2002

    2002澳洲电影协会最佳男主角/Best Actor, AFI Awards 2002


    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Rolf de Heer

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 26/09 7:30pm

    一九二二年原住民追捕者(David Gulpilil)带领三个白人追寻一个怀疑杀了白人妇女的原住民逃犯。他们深入澳洲内陆,此时真理和公义竟被颠倒,能否找出逃犯顿时变得不重要。到底黑人算是什麽?白人又如何?最终是谁带领谁?

    It''s 1922 and Aboriginal tracker (David Gulpilil) leads three white men in the hunt for an aboriginal fugitive who is suspected of murdering a white woman.  As they move deeper into the outback, the clear cut notions of truth and justice are subverted and the questions become not will the fugitive be caught, but what is black, what is white and who is leading whom?


    2004澳洲作家协会Awgie Awards最佳原创剧情片提名 /Nominated Best Original Feature Film, Australian Writers'' Guild - Awgie Award 2004

    2004蒙特利尔国际电影节Grand Prix des Ameriques提名 /Nominated Grand Prix des Ameriques, Montreal World Film Festival 2004

    澳洲/Australia /2004/彩色 /Col /35mm /108mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演/Dir: Craig Monahan

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 26/09 9:30pm

    少女Steph(Emma Lung)由暴躁的姨妈Jude抚养成人,她亲生母亲Jass在怀有Steph时与越南籍父亲不幸在交通意外中身亡。从亡母的日记中,发现Jude与蜜桃罐头工厂主管Alan的昔日恋情。Steph进一步认识亲生父母生前的逸事时,也发现Jude鲜为人知,充满活力,勇於冒险和贪玩的一面。隐藏着的秘密,将一一被揭开。

    Teenager Steph (Emma Lung) is brought up by her fiery aunt Jude after her pregnant mother and Vietnamese father are killed in a car crash.  The arrival of her late mother''s diary reveals the colourful, sexy secrets of Jude and the manager at the local peach cannery Alan (Hugo Weaving).  As Steph learns more about her real parents, she also sees a vibrant, risk-taking, fun-loving Jude she has never known - and begins to uncover secrets that no one is prepared for.

    《我的父亲 Romulus》/Romulus, My Father

    2007澳洲电影协会最佳电影、最佳男主角、最佳男配角、最佳新晋演员 /Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Young Actors Award 2007

    2008澳洲影评选展最佳男配角、特别成就奖 /Best Supporting Actor, Special Achievement Award, Film Critics'' Circle of Australia 2008

    2008 Movie Extra Filmink Awards最佳澳洲电影 /Best Australian Film, Movie Extra Filmink Awards 2008

    澳洲 /Australia /2007 /彩色 /Col /35mm /103mins

    英语对白,中文字幕 /In English with Chinese Subtitles

    导演 /Dir: Richard Roxburgh

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 27/09  7:30pm

    改编自Raimond Gaita 广受好评的散文集《我的父亲 Romulus》。故事讲述一名年青人一家在第二次大战後逃离欧洲投奔澳洲的故事。此影片获奖无数,表扬父子间不可分割的关系及血浓於水的亲情。

    Based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of Raimond Gaita, Romulus, My Father follows a young boy''s story as his family fled Europe and came to Australia after the end of World War II.  This multi-award winning film is a story of impossible love that ultimately celebrates the unbreakable bond between father and son; starring Eric Bana.

    经典呈献 /Classic Selection


    澳洲电影协会最佳影片、最佳导演、最佳男主角、最佳女配角、最佳原创剧本、最佳化妆设计、最佳剪接、最佳制作 /Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Achievements in Costume Design, Editing, Production Designs, AFI Awards

    澳洲 /Australia /1978 /彩色及黑白 /Col & B/W /35mm /111mins

    英文对白 /In English

    导演 /Dir: Phillip Noyce

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 27/09 9:30pm

    四十年代的澳洲,电视还未诞生,McGuire氏兄弟任职摄影师,但哥哥Len(Bill Hunter) 和弟弟 Frank(Gerard Kennedy)各自效力两间互相竞争的新闻影片公司。Len 代表着保守的摄影学派,忠於公司、工党及天主教,可惜时代不断转变。而澳洲当地经历一连串的社会和政治冲击,Len亦竭力地维护自已的政治观和专业操守。一部家喻户晓的澳洲得奖电影终於来港上映,糅合了新闻影片及经典的澳洲社会写照。

    In Australia in the late 1940s, before the coming of television, Len McGuire and his brother Frank work for competing newsreel companies.  An old-school cameraman, Len is loyal to the company, the Australian Labor party and the Catholic Church, but times are changing.  As Australia undergoes a series of social and political upheavals he struggles to maintain his own political and ethical boundaries.  One of Australia''s most celebrated films with its combination of actual newsreel footage and quintessentially Australian social drama.

    节目资料提供︰澳洲总领事馆/Programme information provided by: Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong

    Performing Art

    PIP School Festival

    主办︰PIP艺术学校 /Presenter: PIP School

    日期/Date: 18/07-12/09

    地点︰Agnès b.电影院、寿臣剧院/Venue: Agnès b. CINEMA!, Shouson Theatre

    节目查询/Programme Enquiries: 2421 6081

    粤语进行、演出/Conducted & Performed in Cantonese



    节目资料提供︰PIP艺术学校 /Programme information provided by: PIP School

    《在香港求爱的七十七个理由》/77 Reasons to Mess Around in Hong Kong

    主办︰无色实现剧团/Presenter: NoColourHere

    资助︰香港艺术发展局/Supporter: Hong Kong Arts Development Council



    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 05-06/09  8pm; 06-07/09  3pm 

    地点︰麦高利小剧场 /Venue: McAulay Studio

    票价 /Tickets: $150/120*

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 9739 5524, nocolourhere@gmail.com

    网页/Website: www.nocolourhere.blogspot.com

    粤语、普通话演出/Performed in Cantonese & Mandarin


    谢傲霜、甄拔涛、傅裕惠、陈铭峰、陈炳钊、陈惠仪、许思贤、徐海娜、姜富琴、Nicolas Favroult。十位分别来自中国、台湾、法国及香港的作者,九位年轻演员,一场没有终点的恋爱,即将发生。


    节目资料提供︰无色实现剧团 /Programme information provided by: NoColourHere

    Love, Sex and The Whole Shenabg

    主办 /Presenter: Stylus Productions

    资助 /Supporter: The Flying Pan

    监制 /Producer: Adam West

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 10-13/09   8pm; 13/09 2:30pm

    地点︰麦高利小剧场 /Venue: McAulay Studio

    票价 /Tickets: $250

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 9127 0420

    英语演出 /Performed in English

    Have a great night out at the theatre as a kaleidoscape of ten minutes plays unfold before you and help needy children in Cambodia - all proceeds to a Siem Reap orphanage.

    节目资料提供 /Programme information provided by: Stylus Productions

    《女人湿地》/Wetland of a Woman

    主办︰双妹唛舞蹈剧场 /Presenter: McMuiMui Dansemble

    合办:诗人黑盒剧场 /Co-presenter: The Princess''Blackbox

    资助︰香港艺术发展局 /Supporter: Hong Kong Art Development Council

    导演、编舞、演出:陈敏儿/Directors, Choreographer, Performer: Abby Chan

    文本创作、演出: 黄咏诗/ Playwright, Performer: Wong Wing-sze

    监制:潘诗韵 /Producer: Janice Poon

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 12-13/09  8pm; 14/09  3pm 

    地点︰寿臣剧院 /Venue: Shouson Theatre

    票价 /Tickets: $220/180/120/100*

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 9032 2913

    粤语演出 /Performed in Cantonese


    Wetland of a Woman is a dance theatre collaboration by renowned dancer Abby Chan and playwright Wong Wing -sze. A story revealing sex and death of a single woman.

    节目资料提供︰双妹唛舞蹈剧场 /Programme information provided by: McMuiMui Dansemble 

    《情人在礼拜堂》/Winner of The Love Games

    主办︰大戏瘾力/Presenter: Dramaddict

    监制:杨国梁、胡国琛/Producer: Larry, Nelson

    导演:招世亮/Director: Ah Chiu


    Performers: Kenneth, Barbara, Nelly, Irene, Lawerence, Simon, Ceci, Jenny

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 19-21/09   7:45pm 

    地点︰麦高利小剧场/Venue: McAulay Studio

    票价 /Tickets: $120/100# /80*

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 杨先生 /Larry 9263 5701, 胡先生 /Nelson 9194 3843

    粤语演出 /Performed in Cantonese


    A gorgeous gentleman who frequently changes girlfriend and now has a new "target" from a community church; but first time facing a difficult decision - to date and not to date?

    备注︰本节目不适合6岁以下儿童观看/Remarks: Not suitable for age under 6

    # 同时购4张或以上门票优惠 /Special offer for each purchase of 4 tickets or more

    节目资料提供︰大戏瘾力 /Programme information provided by: Dramaddict 

    《白雪先生灰先生》 /Mr. Snow White & Mr. Cinderella

    主办︰W创作社 /Presenter: W Theatre





    演出顾问、录像设计:司徒慧焯 #






    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 19-21, 23-28/09  8pm 

    地点︰寿臣剧院 /Venue: Shouson Theatre

    票价 /Tickets: $400/300

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 9267 2678

    粤语演出 /Performed in Cantonese

    继《挛到爆》後,W创作社将於本月上演全新Camp爆喜剧《白雪先生灰先生》(Mr. Snow White & Mr. Cinderella)。 Y被喻为Dark Side的「白雪公主」,刁蛮任性,一心想走捷径成名,个性刚烈,是典型的 Drama Queen。J则被喻为Dark Side的「灰姑娘」,一样也想成名,但甘愿默默耕耘,表面虽十分仁慈,其实机关算尽……多年来,两人之间并没有出现像《Sex and The City》互相扶持的友谊,反而用竞争的方法去令对方成长……

    # 鸣谢香港话剧团批准参与演出


    节目资料提供︰W创作社 /Programme information provided by: W Theatre

    《核变》/Nuclear Metamorphosis

    主办︰另剧场/Presenter: Theatredetour

    资助︰香港艺术发展局 /Supporter: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

    监制︰周家辉、陈锦龙 /Producers : Chau Ka-Fai, Chan Kam-Lung

    导演:周家辉 /Director: Chau Ka-fai

    演出:罗敏庄、陈敏斌、陈锦龙 /Performers: Mimi Law, Angus Chan, Barry Chan

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 26-28/09  7:45pm; 27-28/09  2:45pm 

    地点︰麦高利小剧场 /Venue: McAulay Studio

    票价 /Tickets: $120/90*

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: 陈先生 9098 0967

    粤语演出 /Performed in Cantonese







    Nuclear Metamorphosis originally named Germs Nuclear Reactor had won the second runner up in the "Open Drama/ Play Division" at the 34th Youth Literary Awards.

    Old experienced Auxilary Police Officer 1234: Full time Insurance Sales Executive.  An upright, honest person full of passion.

    Fresh new Auxiliary Police Officer 9413: Full time Hospital Ward Assistant.  A hard working, simple mined young fellow.

    One day, within their area of jurisdiction, a number of teenage girls were murdered mysteriously, and the two started the investigation...

    However, the closer they are to the "truth", they discover that the most dangerous person is their own "self".

    备注︰本剧含不雅语言,敬请留意/Remarks: The performance contains coarse language

    节目资料提供︰另剧场 /Programme information provided by: Theatredetour 


    《面值十岁  香港艺术》 /The Pivotal Decade: Hong Kong Art 1997-2007

    主办 /Presenter: Grotto Fine Art Ltd., Hong Kong

    合办 /Co-presenter: Chinese Arts Centre, UK

    资助 /Supporter: Mindmaps Ltd.

    日期及时间 /Date & Time: 01-13/09  10am-8pm

    地点︰五楼包氏画廊 /Venue: 5/F, Pao Galleries

    免费入场 /Free Admission

    节目查询 /Programme Enquiries: Grotto Fine Art Ltd. 2121 2270

    策展人 /Curators: Henry Au-yeung, Kwok Ying

    艺术家 /Artists: Chow Chun-fai, Luke Ching, Ho Siu-kee, Joey Leung, Wilson Shieh, Tsang Chiu-mei, Tse Yim-on

    The year 1997 marked the end as well as beginning of Hong Kong''s modern history. Gone with the British sovereignty were colonialist consequences and triumphs while the new Chinese control came upon a level of patriotism and skepticism. The ensuing decade promised to be challenging, cynical, and nonetheless revolutionary.  Artists living and working in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region from 1997-2007 were at the forefront of this monumental change.  While their generation was not the first to encounter the conflicting influences of multi-national attributes, their circumstances have highlighted these issues to a degree that makes their art especially engrossing as an illustration of the difficult path the Hong Kong artist has been compelled to follow.

    节目资料提供/Programme information provided by: Grotto Fine Art Ltd., Hong Kong

    《食之妩媚》/The Irreplaceable Charm of Food

    主办︰白管子/Presenter: White Tube

    日期及时间/Date & Time: 08-03/09  10am-8pm

    地点︰白管子/Venue: White Tube

    免费入场/Free Admission

    节目查询/Programme Enquiries: info@whitetube.org

    艺术家/Artist: Phoenix Chu



    Most people think art is something that is far from reality and difficult for the common people.  In your life, many ordinary and tiny objects can be artistic, such as food.  Food is a form of energy and is necessary for every living organism.  We can touch food every day.  Enjoying food is already treated as art universally, the art of eating, for example, is called gastronomy.  No matter how delicious the food is, if the look or the color of the food is dull, it is not attractive or appealing.  The exhibits are made of different materials to create food in different ratios and texture.  There are both good looking and cultural food.  The artwork is meant to indicate the everyday living of the Hong Kong people.  People in this city are so absorbed in making a living that they forget or never take notice of charm of food itself.  They claim that art is too difficult to grasp and create. However, there is art in everyday mundane things, such as food!

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 ·《象 非象》申伟光超验艺术研讨会

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